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Cooking courses   

Instruction take place in groups of maximum ten participants, in a kitchen, equipped with standard kitchen appliances, so that the environment resembles a home kitchen as much as possible. Every student has their own work space with all the necessary utensils, and every pair shares a glass-ceramic stove.

The cooking courses normally start at 5 PM. Each class lasts about 4-5 hours.

  • Na snahou je nabdnout astnkm kurz co neintenzivj vuku, a proto u vtiny kurz preferujeme pouze 6 osob. Meme se tak kadmu individuln vnovat pi jeho samostatn prci.
  • Most courses are one-day, some consist of several classes.
  • For students from outside of Prague, it is possible to arrange accommodation in the centre of Prague - www.perlahotel.cz for a special price.