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Culinary arts and Atelier Culinari    

Cooking is a beautiful, exceptional craft, and also a form of art.

No one else can please all the senses at once the way a good cook can, and surely, there is not a single nation in the world that would not appreciate this skill. Cooks from all over the world can always find a common ground regardless of their native language. Maybe this is why every four years they organize their own Olympics. Who else can say that but the athletes? And, after all, athletes themselves would hardly survive the Olympics without their cooks.

Working as a cook helped me make friends from New Orleans to Seoul, from St. Petersburg to Kuwait, and also gave me the opportunity to work with the national team of cooks and confectioners on its way back into the European and world elite. I do not find the number of medals and prizes overly important, although each one meant a lot of hard work, and I deeply appreciate all of them. It is far more important to maintain the ability to search and innovate, at the same time remembering the traditional ways.

I will be happy to share my views and experience with you in my own kitchen, equipped to teach beginners and enthusiastic amateurs, as well as professionals.

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